Supporting Analysis of the NIS Market



Jul 27, 2020

Framework Contract - maximum budget €600,000.00 over 4 years

OPEN Tender Procedure

ENISA seeks to contract the services of a service provider to support ENISA’s activities on specific topics such as NIS investments, market trends, economics of cybersecurity, cost of cybersecurity incidents etc., throughout the years 2020 - 2023.

Services required include:

ENISA is looking to contract services that will provide market data and the relevant analysis thereof in relation to:

(a) how EU operators across various sectors have been developing their strategy and investment in cybersecurity products and services,

(b) what technology and business tendencies drive the demand and supply side of NIS products and services,

(c) how does innovation impact strategy and investment in cybersecurity,

(d) in which market and in what form large market shifts are or can be expected,

(e) what are the main tendencies that drive strategy and investment across markets,

(f) what is the relative competitive position of main authors of strategy and investment,

(g) as well as any other issue relevant to the economics of cybersecurity,

The tender documentation is officially available via the TED 'eTendering' platform, which gives exclusive access to the eSubmission portal for submitting your offer - please use this link:

The documentation is also provided below for reference purposes only.

 Offers shall be sent electronically using 'e-Submission' ONLY

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