Stocktaking of ICT security certification practises in Europe

Pre Information Notice

Mar 21, 2017

Negotiated Procedure - Maximum budget €25.000,00

Taking due account of recent legislative and policy developments, such as the adoption of the NIS directive and the publication of the Commission position on the cPPP, ENISA will continue to support the European Commission and the Member States in identifying a certification framework for ICT security products and services which on one hand will boost competition and on the other promote mutual recognition or harmonisation of certification practices up to a certain level. Towards this direction, the Agency will launch a study on identifying and analysing existing practises and perception of involved stakeholders in the area of ICT security certification.

The study will consist of compiling relevant questionnaires that will enable stakeholders to explicate their perspectives and viewpoints, distributing it to the identified stakeholders, compiling the responses and preparing an analysis and findings report.

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