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Workshop: Setting the framework for testing Industrial Control Systems across Europe

Workshop on recommendations for testing Industrial Control Systems - (ICS).

Published on September 11, 2013


ENISA will identify good practices and recommendations for testing Industrial Control Systems (ICS) and SCADA testing in a workshop. The workshop objectives are:

1. To have a clear overview about the current status of ICS security testing activities. To do so we must identify the "state of the art", the national, European and international initiatives, as well as threats, risks and challenges of these infrastructures.

2. Based on that analysis and through multiple interview and questionnaire answers from ICS security experts worldwide, the draft study will be validated as to propose a series of recommendations for how to develop and implement a security testing framework that best suits the needs of the European Union.

The workshop is co-organized with the Estonian Information System's Authority (EISA).


When: 1, October 2013

Where: Tallinn, Estonia

For whom: Target audience, stakeholders:

  • National authorities,
  • EU officials,
  • ICS hardware and software manufacturers,
  • Energy service providers
  • Standardization bodies from EU.
  • Academic and industrial research labs,
  • National Regulatory Agencies,
  • Consumer, industry and user groups.


To register:

Agenda and the registration form are available here: Recommendations for Harmonized ICS Testing Capability in the EU


Deadline for registration:

20th September 2013



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