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Udo Helmbrecht speaks about the need for a strong cybersecurity environment at Think Digital Summit

Published on November 30, 2016

The impact of the Digital Single Market was at the epicentre of The Think Digital Summit together with Commissioner for Digital Economy G. Oettinger, Belgian Deputy Prime Minister Alexander De Croo, and MEP Marietje Schaake on Tuesday 29th November 2016, in Brussels.

ENISA’s Executive Director, Udo Helmbrecht together with representatives of National Authorities, industry and academia discussed about ‘Cyber space and security for business’, looking into the challenges, threats and the need for cooperation in areas of critical infrastructure such as energy, health, transport and finance and between the public and private sector.

Udo Helmbrecht, who was a speaker at the conference, said: “Finance, ICT and energy sectors have the highest incident costs. Cyber incident figures show up to 1.6% GDP loss in some EU countries. Furthermore, cyber-crime capitalisation in 2016, would reach the level of the second most valuable US company[1]. Legislative initiatives, secure network structure, encryption and standardisation can support towards a strong EU cybersecurity environment”.

The Think Digital Summit is an initiative of European Business Summit. More:    @ebsummiteurope  #td2016

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[1] Source: Bloomberg cybercrime cost from Allianz Cyber Risk Guide



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