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Udo Helmbrecht at the IEEE Summit today

Published on December 03, 2014

ENISA’s Executive Director Udo Helmbrecht participates today 3rd of December, at the IEEE Summit on Internet Governance in Brussels.

Prof. Helmbrecht will be contributing to the panel on ‘Security vs. Privacy’. Key discussion points will include:

  • The current cyber-threat landscape and national/international responses.
  • The future of data protection in the EU – political, legal and technical implementation of the right to be forgotten.
  • Should our right to privacy be secondary to the need to protect national security?
  • The cyber-threat from state entities.
  • What new risks are generated by Big Data and the Internet of Things?


The IEEE Summit is the first in the first in a series of high-level discussions bringing together policy professionals, government, academia, technologists, and the corporate realm to share insights and collaborate on new approaches. The Summit examines key policy issues and technical concepts that could support these policies, focusing in the areas of Internet governance, net neutrality, cyber-security and privacy, and the current and potential effects of those policies.


For further information:

Follow the discussion on #IEEEIGSummit



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