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ENISA launches tender competition on eHealth

Published on December 05, 2014

Healthcare is considered as one of the most critical sectors worldwide; due to the great amount of data, ICT is a key tool for information management and storage. The common ICT risks are valid also in this sector and the criticality of the information handling makes the impact even greater.

ENISA has been working in supporting critical information infrastructures protection (ICS SCADA, Samrt Grids, CIIs, Maritime etc) since 2009 and next year will conduct an introductory study on the topic of ICT security risks in eHealth systems and infrastructures. The topic of this topic is "Security and Resilience in eHealth infrastructures and services".

All relevant parties within the area of ICT in eHealth are invited to submit their offers according to the specification published:

Security and resilience in ehealth infrastructures and services





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