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Pan-European Cyber Security Competition organised by ENISA

Today (19 November 2014) the European Union Agency for Network and Information Security (ENISA) is happy to announce the planning of the 1st pan-European Cyber Security Competition in 2015. The competition is organised jointly in collaboration with experienced organisations from EU Member States for students.

Published on November 19, 2014

The Organising Committee of the 1st pan-European Cyber Security Challenge is composed of the following representatives: 

  • Norbert Pohlmann - Cyber Security Challenge Germany;
  • Joe Pichlmayr — Cyber Security Challenge Austria;
  • Andrei Avădănei —DefCamp Romania; 
  • Raúl Riesco- INTECO Spain;
  • Okonweze Austen — Cyber Security Challenge UK;
  • Bernhard Tellenbach — Swiss Cyber Storm; D
  • Demosthenes Ikonomou- ENISA and
  • Rafael Tesoro-Carretero- EC DG CONNECT.

Cybersecurity competitions — the status in Europe

ENISA also publishes a new report analysing the current situation concerning cybersecurity- challenge competitions in Europe. The experience gathered constitutes the basis for the development of the pan-European competition on cybersecurity.

The European Cyber Security Challenge Competition 2015 aims to be the result of a public–private partnership comprised of capable players, aiming at improving the ICT educational approach to Europe’s digital citizens.

The report provides a general overview of existing cybersecurity- challenge competitions in Member States and outlines a roadmap for a future pan-European cyber-challenge competitions. The first part presents the experience of five countries while the second comprises of a short ‘how to’ guide containing the steps in organising a challenge. The third part gives details on concrete developments concerning a pan-European challenge. The last part of the report contains several recommendations that should be taken into account. Graphics providing additional content are provided in the annex.

For the full report: Cybersecurity competitions — the status in Europe

For further information on the pan-European Cyber Security Competition 2015 we recommend consulting the report published today by ENISA and/or send an email message to [email protected].

Presentation material is also available on the Cyber Security Month website


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