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List of available courses and certification programmes in NIS published within Cyber Security Month scope

Published on October 13, 2014

In the context of Cyber Security Month campaign, ENISA and partners are pleased to announce the establishment of a database with a list of available courses and certification programmes linked to Network and Information Security, privacy and data protection.

The webpage allows educational institutions representatives to add to the map courses, programmes and trainings that deal with Network and Information Security.

The information encoded via the web form is going to be pending for approval before being published on the website. In order to modify the information at any stage, please send an e-mail: subject "NIS Universities map" to stakeholderrelations[at] Please note that the database of available courses and certifications programmes is not an exhaustive list and the intention is to have it yearly updated.

The data presented was received from work produced by the NIS Platform Working Group 3 members to whom we thank for their collaboration.

We invite the reader to access the list here:






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