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ENISA publishes new report on Network and Information Security Education

Published on October 06, 2014

ENISA publishes today a new report on the brokerage of best practices between the public and private sectors aimed at all members of the Network and Information Security Education community in Europe. The Agency is committed to taking the lead in encouraging  the exchange of NIS best practices and it follows a strong community-building process for NIS Education stakeholders.

In its new report ENISA recommends reading the case studies with special attention to the methods used to build partnerships, the approach to working together and setting the right metrics. The case studies include:

  • CISCO’s networking Academy dedicated to professionals;
  • Cybersecurity education in Finland describing academic programmes from universities and the link to the national cybersecurity strategy;
  • The US National Cyber Security alliance and their approach on working together for achieving common results;
  • Trend Micro’s Internet Safety for Kids and Families Programme that shows the commitment towards community education;
  • Intel's training programme and their integrating approach on education.

The report is published under European Cyber Security Month in partnership with US cyber security month.

For the full report: Public Private Partnerships in Network and Information Security Education

For more information: European Cyber Security Month



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