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Just published: Summarising report of successful first pilot European Cyber Security Month

The report provides a synthesis of the results of the successful European Cyber Security Month (ECSM). This was the first, pilot project which took place across Europe throughout last October 2012, and a point of the EU-USA Summit's Working Group on Cyber Security roadmap. The report gives an overview of the security-related weeks organised at national level by the eight participating countries - the Czech Republic, Luxembourg, Norway, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Spain and the United Kingdom, and supported by Latvia and the Council. It furthermore describes ENISA's role as coordinator of the organisation of the ECSM; and finally identifies a set of lessons learned which could be applied to future ECSMs.

Published on December 18, 2012


Main findings of the ECSM pilot:

  • the majority of the Member States hold a security week or weeks;
  • the proportion of campaigns encompassing general users versus those targeting business users is almost the same;
  • a wide variety of key messages are promoted across the different European countries;
  • the largest number of events were organised in the fourth week of October;
  • all supporting material and communications were produced in the official language of the countries concerned; printed materials (38 %) and physical events, (25 %) featured in many cases;
  • all Member States used a variety of techniques that were fun, exciting and motivating;fu
  • the private sector was involved in six pilot countries;
  • the wide variety of delivery channels used suggests the potential value of a multifaceted approach that could match different messages to different media and opportunities across all sectors and countries;
  • websites are the most prominent channels of communication used, together with the distribution of giveaways (seven out of eight pilot countries);
  • the Member States adopted different methods to assess the effectiveness of ECSM activities — generally, the data gathered can be used to identify very similar key performance indicators.
The second part of the report provides detailed information on the activities and events organised by
each country. 



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