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If you want a friend in technology, get a PET: A PET maturity assessment tool by ENISA

While information on privacy enhancing technologies (PETs) and methods is abound, selecting the appropriate ones may challenge laymen and experts alike.

Published on March 07, 2018

It is often increasingly hard to compare and motivate the choice of which solution is the most appropriate to meet the requirements of a particular problem, IT environment or user competence level when it comes to fending off for privacy.

Against this background, ENISA further developed a web application prototype, the ‘PETs maturity assessment online repository’. This application aims at centralizing knowledge on PETs, as well as facilitating their maturity assessment.

For more information about the status of this work and relevant challenges, see: A tool on Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PETs) knowledge management and maturity assessment

For more information about the web application prototype (PETs maturity online repository), please contact: [email protected]



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