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Call for experts for TRANSSEC - Transport Resilience and Security Expert Group

ENISA launches this call for participation to invite experts in security of different sections of the transport sector to participate in its expert group.

Published on March 13, 2018

ENISA has established this expert group to cover security and resilience of transport systems as they undergo a digital transformation built around a plethora of interconnected devices and systems that facilitate automation and intelligent decision-making.

The threats and risks associated with the digital transformation of the transport sector are manifold and have a potential impact on citizens’ safety, health and privacy, in addition to the availability of the critical transport services themselves.

TRANSSEC is an information exchange platform that brings together experts to ensure security and resilience of the Transport sector in Europe. It is the intent of ENISA for this group to produce specialised work streams focusing on specific sub-sectors of transport, namely Air, Rail and Water Transport with the possibility of eventually establishing one or more specialised individual Expert Groups.

Experts of the TRANSSEC shall have technical background expertise and direct exposure on one or more of the following:

  • Operators and infrastructure owners of Transports systems with an interest in cybersecurity in one or more of the following sub-sectors:
    • air transport e.g. air carriers, airports, traffic management control operators etc.
    • rail transport e.g. infrastructure managers, service facilities etc.
    • water transport e.g. water transport companies, ports, vessel traffic services etc.;
  • Manufacturers or integrators of transport systems with a focus on cybersecurity;
  • Suppliers and developers of transport hardware and/or software with a focus on cybersecurity;
  • Associations and not-for-profit organisations involved in transport security;
  • Relevant authorities, academia, standardisation bodies and policy makers directly involved in the above topics.

For details and registration, please visit:

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