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European Cyber Security Month kicks-off with “Cyber Security in the Workplace”

The first week of the European Cyber Security Month focuses on ‘Cyber Security in the Workplace’.

Published on October 02, 2017

The aim of this first week theme is to raise awareness amongst company employees, IT professionals and senior management about threats such as ransomware, phishing, malware and to provide general cyber “hygiene” advice. During this week, ENISA and its ECSM partners will be organising events and activities centred around this theme. Events may have an emphasis on education material, strategy summits, general presentations to users, online quizzes, etc.

To find out more about what is happening in your city this week check the interactive map!

Check out the short video clip that ENISA and the European Commission DG CONNECT released to raise awareness of Cyber Security in the Workplace!

Would you like to test your knowledge on general security and privacy? Try the NIS Quiz and obtain a CyberSecMonth badge!

"Cyber security is a shared responsibility – Stop. Think. Connect."


Follow the campaign on Twitter @CyberSecMonth #CyberSecMonth, #OctoberNIS



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