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The EU Cybersecurity Agency ENISA receives visit of its UK Management Board representatives

Heather Butler and Colin Whorlow, the UK representatives of ENISA’s Management Board, visited the Agency’s headquarters in Athens for a discussion with staff from the Core Operations Department (COD) on current activities and priorities.

Published on October 06, 2017

The agenda of the day was built around key topics such as the NIS Directive and Critical Information Infrastructure Protection (CIIP), Internet of Things (IoT) and SMART approaches, standardisation and certification, privacy and data protection, and working with the CSIRT community.

Special attention was also given to cybersecurity exercises and cyber crisis coordination, the ENISA Threat Landscape (ETL) as well as the EU Cybersecurity Month, and the cybersecurity challenge.

In each case, ENISA staff took the opportunity to further understand trends and explored possible mechanisms with dealing with the identified challenges. As with all stakeholder discussions, these ideas will be discussed with other Member States and stakeholder communities, as part of the normal activities of the Agency.

On this occasion, ENISA staff had the opportunity to discuss face to face with representatives of the board and develop a better understanding of the issues that the Member States are facing as they seek to implement the Agency’s work.



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