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European Cyber Security Month in all 23 languages

Published on September 07, 2012

In its build up to the European Cyber Security Month (ECSM), ENISA is now providing the ECSM logo in all 23 official EU languages.

The translated logo will improve visibility and recognition of this campaign across all Europe, and support the work of organisations involved in cyber security in all Member States to reach out to their citizens.

The objective of European Cyber Security Month is to increase knowledge of Network and Information Security (NIS) issues and  modify perceptions of threats. The campaign provides up to date security information and educational material, shares good NIS practices and gives opportunities to take part in competitions.


The first, pilot European Security Month will take place in October 2012, promoting cyber security to citizens. To date, six European countries – Luxemburg, Portugal, Spain, UK (Get Safe Online), Slovenia and Norway – have confirmed their participation. The ECSM includes a diverse range of activities; TV and radio advertisements, social media campaigns, the distribution of educational packages and special events that will be organised in each participating Member State.

The European Commission’s Digital Agenda for Europe, action point 32: “Strengthen the fight against cybercrime at international level” specifically identifies a European Cyber Security Month.


For more background on the European Cyber Security Month

For further ECSM material

For the ECSM Feasibility study (end 2011).



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