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ENISA - Telefonica Workshop on Big Data

The use of big data in critical sectors was the theme of the workshop hosted by ENISA and Telefonica hosted in Madrid on February 2nd 2016.

Published on February 05, 2016

The invitation only event welcomed participants from the private sector, banks and cloud service providers.

Manuel Carpio, Telefonica’s Director of Information Security and Fraud Prevention, and ENISA’s Evangelos Ouzounis, Head of Secure Infrastructures and Services, gave the welcoming notes. Speakers included colleagues from Google and IBM, as well as representatives from Spain’s Data Protection Office.

The workshop aimed at providing valuable insights on the current status of big data security and privacy, and  identified challenges and risks and the potential ways to address the expressed concerns. ENISA’s experts gave an overview of the findings as identified in its upcoming report on ‘Big Data Security” and the recently published 'Privacy by design in Big Data' report.

The event hosted open discussions on topics such as encryption, current technical tools to protect security and privacy of big data systems, company organisational structure, as well as privacy policy covering the use of personal information in big data systems.


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