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ENISA publishes Work Programme 2013

ENISA's Work Programme for 2013 has now been published. The programme is the result of a consultation process involving both the ENISA Permanent Stakeholder Group (PSG) and Management Board (MB). This process has enabled the Agency to increase its focus on areas that are both strongly aligned with the European policy agenda and also considered as core areas of competency for the Agency.

Published on November 28, 2012

The content of the Work Programme is a logical extension of work carried out in previous years, but is increasingly focused on a common set of issues. In Work Stream 1 for example, which is concerned with understanding the evolving threat environment and defining suitable mitigation strategies, the areas of application are Critical Infrastructure and Trust Infrastructure. This focus on core issues will allow the Agency to exploit synergies between the different activities that constitute the work programme as a whole and is expected to provide stakeholders with a more holistic view of the state of Network and Information Security  in these areas.

 As in previous years, ENISA recognises the need to avoid duplication of work and has sought to define activities that are complementary to those undertaken by other European bodies or by other stakeholder communities in general.

More information: ENISA Work Programme 2013

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