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ENISA cooperating on nuclear cyber security with IAEA

ENISA participates in a consultancy meeting on Incident Response Planning for Computer Security Events at Nuclear/Radiological Facilities at the International Atomic Energy Agency, IAEA, Headquarters in Vienna, Austria.

Published on March 18, 2013

Already the legendary techno-electronica music group Kraftwerk wrote music about both “Computer World” and “Radioactivity”. Now these two elements are combined, as ENISA is pleased to participate at this IAEA meeting on cyber security for nuclear plants.

The purpose of the meeting is for ENISA to provide its expertise, and to provide guidance on the process for developing a computer security incident response plan at a nuclear/radiological facility. Specifically, the meeting will provide guidance on the key elements required to develop and implement a comprehensive security response plan associated with an information and computer/computer systems attacks at nuclear material, or other associated activities.

Meeting Agenda:

  • Information and computer security incident scenarios
  • Categorisation of information and computer security incidents
  • Organisational roles and structures
  • Outline of response and recovery procedures for incidents on industrial computer systems (ICS, including computer based systems used for physical protection, nuclear safety and nuclear material accountancy and control
  • National reporting and response structures, including Computer Emergency Response Teams.
  • Restoration and recovery activities.

The output of the meeting is the document Incident Response Planning for Computer Security Events at Nuclear/Radiological Facilities.

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