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ENISA 2009-report on Cloud Computing-now available in Italian

One of the most popular ENISA reports has independently received the support for increased dissemination and thus impact of ENISA’s work on cloud computing, as the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) Italy Chapter has, at its own initiative, translated the ENISA "Cloud Computing Risk Assesment" report into Italian.

Published on March 19, 2013

Given this independent initiative of the Cloud Security Alliance, the 2009 reports “Cloud computing: Benefits, risks and recommendations for information security" and the “Risk" and "Assurance" reports are now available in Italian.

Link to the file in Italian: Cloud Computing Risk Assesment-Italian


It should be noted that the translations has been undertaken by CSA, independently, and do not constitute an official EU or ENISA translation, nor is an endorsement by the Agency of the translation itself. Consequently, the Agency cannot be held liable for the translation of the report, nor for its recommendations, as per the usual legal disclaimer. To be transparent, we would like to mention that a former ENISA employee and report author, happens to be of Italian origin, and works at the CSA. The ENISA report cannot be used for commercial purposes, and ENISA remains the owner of the report.

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