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ENISA at CeBIT: Supporting industry in the new EU legal framework on cybersecurity

ENISA’s Executive Director delivered the keynote speech on "European and national rules and regulations in the field of cyber security' today 14th March at CEBIT.

Published on March 14, 2016

“The NIS Directive is the first EU legislative initiative in the area of cybersecurity, and a step towards an improved and harmonised cybersecurity environment across the EU. In a similar manner the GDPR emphasizes data protection and privacy as a key component for the EU industry” said Udo Helmbrecht at this year’s CeBIT event.

ENISA’s Executive Director delivered the keynote speech on "European and national rules and regulations in the field of cyber security" during the European Cyber Security Conference, sharing insights into the key developments in the upcoming NIS Directive and the GDPR, and how these translate in practice for the involved actors.

Digital service providers (DSP) such as search engines, cloud services, the online marketplace and essential service provides (ESP) in the banking, energy, transport sectors are affected by the establishment of incident reporting and security requirements of the new regulatory framework; areas in which ENISA is particularly active. Helmbrecht gave an overview on the proposed provisions and how these set the foundations for improved risk assessment, threat intelligence, response, and harmonisation across the EU. In this context opportunities for the internal market and e-services can be realised by reinforcing trust for services and products. “ENISA through its recommendations and solutions can support industry in producing solutions that capitalise on security as a differentiating factor and promote cooperation among all stakeholders towards approaches which can fit and stimulate the sector”.

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