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European Cybersecurity Skills Framework: call for participation in the new Ad Hoc Working Group

The European Union Agency for Cybersecurity launches a call for expression of interest for participation in the new Ad Hoc Working Group on the European Cybersecurity Skills Framework.

Published on July 08, 2020

The cybersecurity workforce shortage and skills gap is a major concern for both economic development and security, especially in the rapid digitisation of the global economy.

The European Cybersecurity Skills Framework project aims to:

  • promote harmonization in the ecosystem of cybersecurity education, training, and workforce development;
  • help in the development of a common European language in the cybersecurity skills context, to reduce the skills shortage.
  • support the digital transformation, by defining the skills needed to fulfil cybersecurity related positions;
  • support the design of cybersecurity related training programmes for skills and career development in order to address the cybersecurity skills shortage.

In response to the European Skills Agenda, ENISA will create an Ad Hoc Working Group on the European Cybersecurity Skills Framework to support in the development of a Cybersecurity Education and Skills Framework. The ad hoc working group will follow the Pact for Skills engagement and governance model in order to have input from a number of relevant stakeholders and assess the challenges in the development of the European Cybersecurity Skills Framework from different perspectives (e.g. academic and industrial perspective). Thus, this call for collective action is also a collaboration opportunity for individuals to help advance the EU skills ecosystem.

The ad-hoc working group is expected to:

  • advise ENISA on defining the criteria for a European Cybersecurity Skills Framework;
  • support the analysis of other existing initiative cybersecurity related frameworks with respect to the defined criteria;
  • assist in identifying gaps in already developed European Cybersecurity Skills Framework;
  • assist in conducting a SWOT analysis for an European Cybersecurity Skills Framework;
  • review of related ENISA deliverables;
  • assist in the preparation of the European Skills Framework.

When assessing the applications, ENISA will take into account the following criteria:

  • relevant competence (e.g. technical, legal, organisational or a combination thereof) and experience in the area of cybersecurity skills;
  • ability to deliver technical advice, including that of scientific or technical nature, on issues relevant to cybersecurity skills categorization, including in the above-mentioned areas of relevance for this purpose;
  • good knowledge of English allowing active participation in the discussions.

How to apply:

  • information about the ENISA Ad Hoc Working Group on the European Cybersecurity Skills Framework, terms of reference, privacy statement and application form is available in the dedicated page: Ad Hoc Working Group on Cybersecurity Skills Framework;
  • applicants will be assessed according to criteria included in the call; members shall be appointed by the Executive Director of ENISA;
  • Duly completed applications must be submitted by 18h00 EEST (Athens time) on 10th of August 2020.

Further Information

ENISA website page - Ad Hoc Working Group on the European Cybersecurity Skills Framework

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