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Visit of two MEPs to ENISA

Published on October 31, 2011

Professor Ioannis A. Tsoukalas, MEP, and Mr. Spyros Danellis, MEP, visited ENISA’s premises on 31st October to meet ENISA’s Executive Director, Professor Udo Helmbrecht.

The meeting was held to discuss ENISA’s role and activities in network and information security, against the background of the current European Parliament discussions on a new Regulation for the Agency.

Professor Helmbrecht made a  presentation on ENISA’s activities, and gave an overview of the Agency’s current Work Programme. The presentation was complemented by constructive discussions. ENISA’s efficiency was discussed, illustrated by examples of good practice in the Agency’s reports and other work. To strengthen the Agency’s place within the regional “ecosystem”,  the need to use ENISA’s seat in Heraklion and its branch office in Athens more efficiently were also pointed out by the ED. Prof. Tsoukalas and Mr. Danellis kindly offered their assistance to improve the effectiveness of the agency in Heraklion.

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