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Seminar on Blockchain-based Digital Identity Solutions

ENISA, helped by Delft Blockchain Lab, organises a seminar on blockchain solutions, delving into the basic concepts and pro & cons, presenting also current initiatives and some practical examples.

Seminar on Blockchain-based Digital Identity Solutions
May 27, 2021 from 09:00 AM to 12:00 PM

This is a closed meeting only for Article 19 Expert Group members.

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Recently, European Commission under the eIDAS revision considers as one possible policy option the creation of an EU Digital ID scheme (EUid) for Member States’ nationals with the objective of providing all Europeans with widely usable and universally accepted trusted digital identities. This EUid scheme could be complementary to notified eIDs under the eIDAS regulation and could be used to access both online public services and private ones. Under this policy proposal, many implementation options involving different governance and branding arrangements are considered. One implementation option could be to build on the notion of the "digital sovereignty" that would empower user control of digital identity and enable personalised online services in a trusted environment.

Digital identity management systems based on distributed ledger technologies (DLT) may play an important role in the implementation of a personal right to identity, with a strong view of self-determination and personal autonomy. These distributed ledger technologies, and in particular blockchain, normally based on public-key cryptography, allow the creation of a registry managed in an absolutely decentralised way. 

ENISA, helped by Delft Blockchain Lab, a leading European institution in this area, organises a seminar delving into the basic concepts, providing an overview of advantages and disadvantages of blockchain solutions, complemented by the current initiatives in the areas and some practical examples from real-life.

This is a closed meeting only for Article 19 Expert Group members.

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