ENISA Workshop on Cyber security for IoT in Smart Home Environments

The European Union Agency for Network and Information security (ENISA) is organising a one day conference focused on Cyber Security for the Internet of Things (IoT) in Smart Home Environments.

ENISA Workshop on Cyber security for IoT in Smart Home Environments
Oct 06, 2015 from 09:30 AM to 04:30 PM
Maritime ProArte Hotel, Berlin
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Smart Home Environments implement the concept of the “Internet of Things”: they comprise multiple devices with different purposes, interconnected to the personal “home network” and to the Internet. These devices collect and exchange data among themselves and with third-party service providers in order to enhance the functionalities of the home (e.g. reduced energy consumption, dynamic heating…). They can also be controlled remotely and adapt their behaviour dynamically.

ENISA, the European Union Agency for Network and Information Security, is organising a workshop to validate its study on cyber security good practices to secure the lifecycle of IoT in the context of Smart Homes. This study presents:

  • An update on cyber threats targeting IoT for Smart Homes;
  • Good practices to secure the life cycle of IoT for Smart Homes (development, integration, end-of-life);
  • Recommendations to enhance the cyber security of IoT for Smart Homes

The purpose of this workshop is to present and validate these findings together with stakeholders from the sector (manufacturers, experts, researchers...) and to share their experiences.

The meeting will take place in at the Maritime ProArte Hotel, Berlin, Germany, the 6th October 2015. The workshop is hosted by IoT World Europe conference.

Due to the limited amount of seats (~25 participants), users are strongly encouraged to register.
Free registration:

Participants will receive the draft deliverable before the workshop.

Target Audience

  • Manufacturers and Solution Vendors, which conceive and propose IoT devices and solutions for Smart Homes will be able to validate the good practices proposed to enhance the security for the lifecycle of their products and solutions.
  • Developers and API Programmers, will have the possibility to understand which security measures can be implemented to guarantee security against cyber threats.
  • Professional organisations and End-Users initiatives will be able to validate and prioritize security measures with the objective to harmonise security of IoT.
  • Member States, policy makers, standardisation bodies and researchers will get an overview of the status of cyber security for IoT and the future challenges.


You can download the workshop's draft agenda from here.


  1. ENISA - Securing Europe's IoT Devices and Services
  2. ENISA - Securing the Lifecycle ofSmart Home Environments
  3. Andrei Costin - Security of IoT and embedded devices
  4. Online Trust Alliance - IoT Trust Framework


Registration is closed.

ENISA has the possibility to select participants in order to have a fair representation of its stakeholders.

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