Network Security

For many SMEs, firewalls will be the most relevant part of network security topic.

September 01, 2021

Network SecurityFirewalls filter and monitor the incoming and outgoing traffic on the perimeter of trusted and untrusted networks based on given rules. The effective configuration of these rules is a key success factor, and should be implemented and gradually tuned up with care. Firewalls may also provide and manage remote access to the organization by supporting Virtual Private Networks (VPNs).

When selecting a firewall an SME should also look to see what additional security features are provided, either by default or by paying extra fees. Some of these features could include filtering email and web traffic for malicious software such as viruses, blocking access to known bad sections of the Internet, and providing alerting and monitoring to potential attacks.

Given the important role firewalls play in protecting an SME’s internal network and systems, SMEs should ensure they employ the most appropriate firewall for their needs. This may require engaging with someone who has the relevant expertise that can recommend that most appropriate solution.

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