Cybersecurity is clearly a key element in the ongoing success of any SME, in particular during the COVID19 Pandemic. It is only appropriate that responsibility for this critical function is assigned to someone within the organization.

September 01, 2021

ResponsibilityThe role of cybersecurity point of contact, or cybersecurity manager, depending on your SME’s naming conventions, will:

- act as a cybersecurity go-to contact, both internally and externally,

- implement management directions into real life practice,

- measure and report the SME’s performance against the declared security objectives,

- monitor the SME for further security gaps and proactively provide executive staff with proposals for improvement,

- also, if the SME has no data protection officer (DPO), he or she will also usually act as contact for privacy issues.

This role needs not necessarily be a new job posting as the responsibilities for cybersecurity could be integrated with the responsibilities of an existing role. However, it is vital that if integrating these responsibilities with another role that the appropriate resources, training and time are given to the person responsible for cybersecurity. Alternatively this role could be outsourced to a third party provider specializing in the area of cybersecurity.

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