Employee Buy-in

It is essential that employees understand the importance that good cybersecurity is in protecting the organization, protecting the personal data entrusted by customers to that organization, and ultimately in protecting the employees’ jobs.

January 01, 2020

Employee Buy-InJust as important as having responsibility for cybersecurity assigned to an appropriate person and to have commitment from the SME’s management to cybersecurity, so too is ensuring employees buy in to having effective cybersecurity in place.

Gaining employee buy-in for cybersecurity is critical and can only be got through effective communication on cybersecurity from management, by management openly supporting cybersecurity initiatives, appropriate trainings delivered to employees, and providing employees with clear and specific rules outlined in cybersecurity policies.

Every SME employee should have the answers to these questions:

  • Am I allowed to access the company network and systems from a home computer? Can I access work email using my private smartphone? And if so, what are the requirements?
  • What is the process I need to follow when an supplier sends a request asking for their payment details to be changed?
  • What should I do after receiving a phishing email?
  • Am I allowed to use software that is not approved by my IT on my work computer?
  • What is the approved method for me to share company data with others, especially those outside the company? Is there an approved file sharing platform that I can use.
  • How can I access work email when accessing it over public Wi-Fi such as a hotel, airport, or indeed my home wireless network?
  • How do I ensure my passwords are secure?

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