Cybersecurity Training

SMEs should ensure there is a formal cybersecurity training program, with the appropriate budgeting and resources, for those responsible for managing cybersecurity within the business.

September 01, 2021

Cybersecurity TrainingThey should have the skills and competencies required to ensure the security, availability, and ongoing operations of the IT infrastructure within the organization.

Many SMEs may have responsibility for managing and looking after their IT systems assigned to someone who may not be formally trained in cybersecurity. This may be someone internal to the SME or it could even be an outsourced IT provider who has competence in IT but not necessarily in cybersecurity.

Staff responsible for cybersecurity who are not appropriately trained or experienced in the area may cause issues due to errors caused by lack of knowledge or experience. They may even not configure a system or device to be secured appropriately.

Should the SME have their IT and cybersecurity managed and supported by an external third party then the SME should engage with their provider to determine what level of competencies that provider had in cybersecurity and what plans do they have in place to ensure they have the appropriate level of competencies for cybersecurity in place.

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