Implement Mobile Device Management

When facilitating staff to work remotely many SMEs allowed their staff to use their own personal devices such as computers, laptops, tablet, and/or smartphones.

September 01, 2021

While this may have helped ensure the SME could continue to provide services to its client, it also introduced several security concerns about the SME’s data stored on those personal devices. One way for an SME to manage this risk is to employ a Mobile Device Management  (MDM) solution. With a MDM solution a SME could:

  • Control what devices are allowed to access its systems and services,
  • Ensure the device has up to date anti-virus software installed,
  • Determine if the device is encrypted,
  • Confirm if the device has up to date software patches installed,
  • Enforce the device is protected by a PIN and/or a password,
  • Remotely wipe any SME data from the device should the device owner report it lost or stolen, or if the device owner’s employment was to end with the SME.

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