Conduct Security Awareness Trainings

It is important for SMEs to ensure staff are regularly updated on what the latest cybersecurity themed threats are and how they should work securely while working remotely.

September 01, 2021

Security Awareness TrainingCriminals will take advantage of all situations if it results in them achieving their goals. The COVID19 pandemic is a perfect scenario for criminals to exploit as they can leverage of the fears and concerns that people have regarding the pandemic. Criminals will look to compromise accounts and systems using COVID19 themed phishing emails, or use scam emails pretending to be from couriers to spread malicious software.

In addition many staff will now be working remotely from their own homes and may not be working from a network or device as secure as that provided within the SME’s own office environment.

The Irish Data Protection Commission have issued a guide, Protecting Personal Data When Working Remotely for companies so they can ensure personal data entrusted ot them is secured when staff are working remotely.

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