Cybersecurity Audits

Regular audits can help ensure any issues are identified and remedied before a breach.

September 01, 2021

Cybersecurity AuditsWithout regular cybersecurity audits, or assessments, it is possible that issues may develop and go unnoticed by SMEs. Regular cybersecurity audits also ensures an SME can have confidence that discipline within its cybersecurity framework is  being maintained. These audits can include assessments on the effectiveness of the cybersecurity policies that are in place, They can also test the technical controls to ensure the SME’s firewalls, website, and other critical systems do not have any weaknesses that could allow an attacker gain access.

Regular audits should be carried out by those with the appropriate knowledge, skills, and experience to conduct effective audits. These people could be internal to the SME but ideally they should be conducted by a party that is independent from the daily operations of the IT systems within the SME.

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