Exploring Cloud Incidents

The use of cloud computing technologies is gaining increased popularity and quickly becoming the norm. At the same time, the cloud service providers (CSP) are not always able to keep up the pace with new technologies. This also affects forensic analysis of incidents in these systems. With this paper, ENISA aims to give an overview of the current status of the forensic analysis techniques and processes of cloud incidents.


Specifically, the objectives of this paper are:

  • To identify and analyse the current technical, legislative, organisational challenges or any other kind of limitations that could hamper a sufficient and seamless investigation of cloud incidents.
  • To present an overview of the techniques, approaches and good practices for the forensic analysis of incidents in the Cloud, based on a desktop research.
  • To provide advice and good practices (in particular related to SLAs and security measures) on how to make cloud forensic analysis more effective.

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