Web 2.0 Security and Privacy

Along with the report, a survey was conducted of 1500 users from 3 European Countries to collect information on attitudes to Web 2.0 security issues. The main body of this report describes in detail these risks and others, based around a set of architectural patterns characterising the Web 2.0 paradigm shift. It then recommends a comprehensive set of initiatives in web standards and architecture, as well as policy actions.

December 10, 2008
Contributors:, Suresh N Chari, IBM, USA, Andy Cirillo, Depaul University, USA, Simon Grehan, National Centre for Technology in Education, Ireland, Michael Hart, Stony Brook University, USA, Rob Johnson, Stony Brook University, USA, Ajit Jaokar, Futuretext, UK, Jesús Jiménez Cordente, ISDEFE, S.A, Spain, Robert Pajak, Interia, Poland, Corin Pitcher, Depaul University, USA

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