Cooperation between CERTs and Law Enforcement Agencies in the fight against cybercrime - A first collection of practices

The essential aim of this report is to improve the capability of CERTs, with a focus on the national/governmental CERTs (n/g CERTs), to address the network and information security (NIS) aspects of cybercrime. It focuses particularly on supporting n/g CERTs and their hosting organisations in the European Union (EU) Member States in their collaboration with the LEAs. It also intends to be a first collection of practices collected from mature CERTs in Europe, including among other things workflows and collaboration with other key players, in particular different law enforcement authorities, in the fight against cybercrime.

Supervisor of the study: Jo De Muynck(ENISA)., ENISA’s contributors: Agris Belasovs, Andrea Dufkova and Silvia Portesi.

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