Trusted Infrastructures and Services: EU Overview



Mar 19, 2013

The objectives of this Tender will be to identify the e-signature and e-identity related trust infrastructures and service providers (TSP) used in e-Gov applications in EU and make an inventory of them as well as to make a description of the most important technologies and security mechanisms used by the above identified TSPs. It is also expected that the contractor provides a more complete picture of the technologies used by the TSP in EU. This will allow the assessment of the risks of cross-border unreachability.

The contractor shall collect ideas for the harmonisation of requirements applicable to TSPs in EU. The result of this analysis is intended to promote harmonisation of risk mitigation tools implemented by TSPs. Finally, the contractor should provide recommendations to e-Gov portal managers on the Trust Services they may integrate into their building blocks, so as to improve the trustworthiness of the services they provide, as well as the requirements they may impose on the TSPs to ensure on-going trustworthiness of their services.

PDF document Contract Award Notice.pdf — PDF document, 98 KB

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