Cyber Threat Intelligence Infrastructure – design, deployment and subscription services



Nov 10, 2020

OPEN Tender Procedure

Framework Contracts for LOTS 1 and 3 (up to 4 years)

Service Contract for LOT 2 (6 months)

ENISA seeks to contract service providers PER LOT which can provide expertise in the area of CTI Infrastructure and related subscription feeds.

LOT 1 - CTI Infrastructure - design and deployment, (max €350,000 over 4 years)

LOT 2 - Design of CTI objects (max €50,000)

LOT 3 - Delivery of subscription services related to the Operational Cooperation of ENISA (max €2.8 million over 4 years)

Tenderers are welcome to bid for just one OR more of the LOTS and are encouraged to form consortia and/or to use subcontractors in order to meet the minimum requirements for each LOT.

The tender documentation is officially available via the TED 'eTendering' platform, which gives exclusive access to the eSubmission portal for submitting your offer - please use this link:

The documentation is also provided below for reference purposes only.

 Offers shall be sent electronically using 'e-Submission' ONLY

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