Consulting services in the area of Identification and Mitigation of Threats Affecting Critical Information Infrastructure

Pre Information Notice

Feb 25, 2013

Subject of this contract will be the provision of consulting services in support of the 1st ENISA Work Stream, called “Identification and Mitigation of Threats Affecting Critical Information Infrastructure”. The objective of this work package is to identify threats, risks, opportunities, and corresponding risk mitigation measures related to the use of critical infrastructures, services and applications for two areas/sectors. The effort will be based on information collected by involved stakeholders. The role of the contractor will be to support ENISA in the generation of the Threat Landscape 2013 and in particular in the work related to deepening in two sectors. The main focus of the consulting services is to collect and collate information in threats, risks and opportunities.

A Negotiated Procedure for this project will be launched shortly with a maximum available budget  of 50.000 EUR. If you are interested in being invited to participate then please submit your details.

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