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Cyber-Security Academy at the Hungarian National Academy of Public Service

The issue of cyber-security has been a topic of discussion at the Hungarian National Academy of Public Service (NUPS) for years. The Cyber-Security Academia, founded in March 2017, is going to synchronise all the various branches of academic education and research in this field by establishing the professional directing organisation of the academy.

Published on August 25, 2017

The question of cyber-security is an increasingly important part of national security. The Hungarian Government has taken steps towards cyber-security and the National University of Public Service has been tasked with the organisation of relevant training programs.

The courses were established based on the 2013 information security law and more than 150 public service executives, experts, contributors, and employees have already successfully finished the programs. Cybersecurity topics have also been taught and researched at the faculties of the university, and this academy is going to synchronise all the various resources in the field.

For more information: Cybersecurity Academy at NUPS


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