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Every Cloud Cybersecurity Market has a Silver Lining

The European Union Agency for Cybersecurity (ENISA) publishes a cybersecurity market analysis of the cloud and an updated version of the cybersecurity market analysis framework.

Published on March 27, 2023

ENISA focused its market analysis on the cloud cybersecurity market following the strong demand from internal and external stakeholders and in light of the importance of cybersecurity in this market segment in the Digital Single Market.

ENISA seeks to provide market information and facilitate market developments to help “improve the conditions for the functioning of the internal market” and “foster a robust European cybersecurity industry and market” as foreseen in the ENISA’s Single Programming Document 2023-2025.

The cybersecurity market analysis served as a testbed of the ENISA Cybersecurity Market Analysis Framework (ECSMAF) to further improve on the original version. The ECSMAF built additional synergies across lateral ENISA cybersecurity areas of interest including the ENISA’s EU cybersecurity index under development, operational cooperation and research.

Why a cloud cybersecurity market analysis?

Market analysis is key to understanding trends and assessing potential issues at stake in terms of demand and supply.

This analysis provides an insight into the needs and requirements of consumers in terms of cloud cybersecurity products, services and processes. Moreover, it can provide additional highlights regarding the role of other important market players, such as regulators and research & development.

Key findings?

Observations made include the following:

  • The provision of services concerning cloud cybersecurity is a challenge to assess because many demand-side stakeholders are using security services from the same companies that also provide cloud services, as a kind of ‘bundled offering’. This makes it difficult to distinguish the components specifically related to cybersecurity;
  • Inconsistencies emerged in the perception between supply and demand. Scoring high as a threat with supply-side respondents, misconfigurations stand as potential gaps, the largest one being between perceived and managed threats. On the demand side, this gap is not as big for this specific threat, but becomes significant when it comes to insecure application programming interfaces (APIs); 
  • Driven by an applications appetite, secure mobile cloud computing, fog computing, edge computing and secure cloud architectures account for around 40% of the survey respondents and they emerge as the most relevant research topics in the interest of the supply and demand stakeholders alike;
  • Scarcity of skills emerges as the most relevant barrier for the adoption of cloud cybersecurity.

The Digital Single Market holds the promise of growth as it continues offering a silver lining to cloud cybersecurity regardless of the background and the business model of the providers that seek to endeavour in it.

What’s new in the revamped cybersecurity market analysis framework?

The ENISA Cybersecurity Market Analysis Framework (ECSMAF) guides the development of the analysis of a vertical cybersecurity market segment that comes under scrutiny.

Along the lines of the empirical analysis instigated by the Cloud Cybersecurity Market Analysis, the original ECSMAF has been enhanced (ECSMAF V2.0). In the updated version, the steps to take to perform a cybersecurity market analysis were simplified and further explained to improve clarity and usability. For eager seekers of further guidance, clarifications by way of annexes were added to this purpose.

ENISA received valuable support from the stakeholders involved, including the respondents to the survey, and the contribution of the ENISA Ad Hoc Working Group on Cybersecurity Market Analysis.

Further information

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