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Young European white hat hackers meet for the 2nd Cyber Security Challenge competition

On the 7th of November, young European white hat hackers will meet at Düsseldorf to measure their skills in attacking and defending computer systems.

Published on August 22, 2016

During the 2nd European Cyber Security Challenge, participants will have to discover vulnerabilities in web applications, binaries and document files, solve crypto puzzles and hack hardware systems. However, technical skills are just one part of the whole story. As the time and resources will be limited, teamwork skills are also extremely important. The competition will end with a presentation by each team. The complete skillset which is important for working in an IT security team, is thus tested.

The goal of the competition is to bring new people into professional IT security field, therefore the participants are limited to young people who do not yet have higher education in the field and who do not work in it professionally. The event will also include a conference and teambuilding exercises where connections between contestants and the industry are made and paths for a future career are forged.

If you wish to be among the competing teams in 2017, countries and organizers are invited to get in touch with ENISA who is organizing next year’s European Cyber Security Challenge.  Improve your skills and staying safe online! Who knows, it may lead to a career in cyber security!

For more information on the European Cyber Security Challenge 2016:

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