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New Roadmap for Computer Emergency Response (CERT) Training

ENISA has launched a new "Roadmap" document aimed at making training for Europe's Computer Emergency Response Teams (CERTs) more effective.

Published on December 07, 2012

The Roadmap focuses on finding solutions for how more proactive and efficient Computer Emergency Response (CERT) Training could be provided in Europe.Options and inputs from CERTs and other stakeholders were examined from different perspectives. During this work subject matter specialists shared their ideas, forming together a valuable and practical roadmap.

Until 2012, ENISA’s work on the training of CERTs focused mainly on supporting the Training of Network Security Incident Teams Staff (TRANSITS) framework, organising various workshops and providing ENISA CERT exercise material.

While these efforts were widely used and appreciated by the CERTs and other communities, the challenges and circumstances have now changed. Since ENISA started its training and support activities, the importance of managing information security incidents has grown to become a top priority for companies, government institutions, universities, schools, and EU Member States. CERTs have emerged in all sectors and countries, and the number of national and governmental CERTs is continuing to grow. This trend is expected to continue worldwide for the foreseeable future.

The Roadmap focuses on proposals which will benefit most of the European CERT community:

  1. ENISA support to the TRANSITS Framework and other suitable training programmes
  2. ENISA CERT Exercises at universities
  3. ENISA as co-provider of CERT trainers and training
  4. CERT Training Information Desk
  5. Video material by ENISA – how to organise the exercises
  6. ‘Fire Drills’ for the CERT community
  7. ENISA CERT Training Hubs (ECTH)
  8. ENISA CERT Exercises Certified Provider (ECTCP)
  9. Recommendations for public administration organisations (national exercises)
  10. Certification paths

The full Roadmap is available here: Roadmap to provide more proactive and efficient CERT training

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