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MEP Breakfast - How to secure Europe's cyber future

On 24 September 2019, ENISA organised a breakfast debate with Members of the European Parliament at the Bavarian Representation to the European Union in Brussels. The theme of the event was ‘How to Secure Europe’s Cyber Future?’.

Published on September 24, 2019

The event was attended by 24 participants of which approximately 8 were newly (re)elected MEPs, mostly from the ITRE Committee. Chatham House Rules applied.

Barbara Schretter, the Head of the Bavarian Representation to the EU opened the breakfast highlighting the importance of exchanging views on future cybersecurity policy and its societal impact with key policy makers from the EU Institutions. She referred to the importance of European leadership with key pieces of legislation such as the GDPR and the Cybersecurity Act in an increasingly interconnected digital society.

Steve Purser, Head of Core Operations at ENISA welcomed the participants and invited the European Commission to take the floor and give a presentation on the state of play and future of cybersecurity in Europe.Key cybersecurity priorities that are being considered for the new political agenda were presented to the audience.

Following the Commission’s intervention, an open discussion moderated by Steve Purser took place with the active involvement of the audience. The discussion revolved around some key topics in EU cyber policy including ENISA’s role in the EU cyber landscape, digital sovereignty, IoT Security, artificial intelligence, the proposed cybersecurity competence centres, the Commission’s 5G action plan, blockchain, and the new regulatory agenda.

The incoming ENISA Executive Director, Juhan Lepassaar closed the event thanking the participants and highlighting the importance of working closely with the European Parliament to deliver on the political expectations with regard to cybersecurity. He concluded that ENISA looks forward to this future collaboration and is ready to contribute and serve the Union with its knowledge and expertise on cybersecurity


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