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Joint ENISA/ISACA Workshop - 11 June, at ISACA World Congress, Berlin

Published on April 30, 2013

ENISA and ISACA are jointly organising a workshop, on 11th June, in Berlin, at the ISACA World Congress This workshop will address today’s cyber security challenges for telecom operators, ISPs, auditors, and national regulators.

Theme: Auditing Security Measures in the Electronic Communications Sector

The workshop will take off from Article 13a in the European Union Framework Directive of Telecom Reform. This requires electronic communications providers to: assess risks; take appropriate security measures to prevent security incidents; and report on security incidents. The workshop will focus on the security measures mandated by national and EU legislation, and how government authorities supervise appropriate security measures taken by providers. Also included will be an update of current cyber security legislation and the state-of-play in the telecommunications sector, plus presentations from three different perspectives: the regulatory authority, the service provider and the auditor.


For full draft agenda

For more information about the meeting (which is by "invitation only"), please contact Christoffer Karsberg, ENISA.

(ISACA's name comes from the organisation's previous title of the Information Systems Audit and Control Association. It now goes by its acronym only, to reflect the broad range of IT governance professionals it serves.)


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