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Exploring Cloud Incidents

ENISA publishes a paper on "Exploring cloud incidents" introducing an analysis of the current approaches to conduct a post mortem analysis of an incident, occurring in a cloud environment.

Published on June 01, 2016

ENISA identifies the multidimensional challenges of cloud forensic investigations by signifying the most common problems experts are facing when needed to investigate a cyber incident in cloud. The analysis and the recommendations are divided into three different axes: technical, legal and organisational.

The main objective of this paper is:

  • To identify the main challenges of post analysis of cloud incidents,mainly in referce to technical, organisational and legal aspects.
  • To produce an overview of the techniques, approaches and good practices for the analysis of incidents in the cloud, based on a desk research.
  • To provide recommendations and suggestions - in particular related to SLAs, security measures, and policies - in order to make the post analysis activity more effective.

Furthermore, key recommendations are proposed to cloud providers, law enforcement agencies and forensic experts as a result of this analysis.

Read the full paper here



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