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PETs control matrix: A systematic approach for assessing online privacy tools

Following previous work in the field of privacy engineering, in 2016 ENISA presents the ‘PETs control matrix’, an assessment framework and tool for the systematic presentation and evaluation of online and mobile privacy tools for end users.

Published on December 20, 2016

The defined framework relies on a set of assessment criteria, which can be broken down into specific parameters and assessment points, acting as indicators of certain properties and features of the tools. A distinction is made between generic criteria (applicable to all tools) and specific criteria (addressing technical characteristics of different categories of tools). For the purpose of this work, the following categories of PETs have been considered: secure messaging, virtual private networks (VPNs), anonymizing networks, and anti-tracking tools (for online browsing).

The ‘PETs control matrix’ is the implementation of the proposed methodology into a practical tool that can be used for performing the assessment of a PET and presenting the relevant results. As such, it comprises different sets of detailed assessment questions (and relevant closed sets of answers) corresponding to the predefined assessment criteria.  In this way, the ‘PETs control matrix’ can facilitate a standardized and clear presentation of different privacy tools, supporting in this way the possibility of comparative assessments.

For the full report

For Annex 1 (assessment questions)

For Annex 2 (Excel tool - WIN version)


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