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ENISA participates at IMCO Committee Meeting

Published on June 24, 2015

ENISA’s Udo Helmbrecht, participated on June 23rd2015, at the IMCO Committee meeting in Brussels, in an exchange of views on the public interest information platform of the Universal Service Directive.

Focus was placed on gaining the involvement of citizens on online security. Within this context ENISA’s involvement in the European Cyber Security Month (ECSM) was demonstrated in the joint activity of DG CONNECT and ENISA advocating online security. A report on the deployment of the European Cyber Security Month presents its preparatory work, gives an objective evaluation, and draws upon the conclusions that can be used in future editions of the ECSM. In numbers, we witness an increase in the countries involved and the number of online followers via the social media (twitter). In particular, in 2014 the ECSM achieved a peak in media reach, with 40 million online users, 300 Tweets and good interactivity. Furthermore, more activities and related material has been generated, while participants at kick-off have doubled.

 ECSM table

Next steps aim at making online privacy tools available for the general public. The initiative is a joint collaboration of EU experts ranging from academia, the public and private sector. In addition ENISA is developing a study - to be available by the end of 2015 - performing a state-of-the-art review of existing initiatives promoting online privacy tools, along with a feasibility analysis and development of a pilot plan.

During a fruitful discussion at the IMCO meeting, Udo Helmbrecht gave an insight into aspects of ENISA’s work programme such as deciphering the cyber threat landscape, privacy and data protection, secure cloud adoption, standardisation, securing the finance sector, and activities supporting the Member States such as CERTs capacity building, Cyber Europe and supporting EU policy and law on NIS. 

The meeting was broadcast live and is available via the European Parliament multimedia library.

Speech by Udo Helmbrecht at IMCO 


Directive 2002/22/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 7 March 2002 on universal service and users' rights relating to electronic communications networks and services (Universal Service Directive). The Universal Service Directive is part of the "Telecoms Package" which, together with four other directives, aims to recast the existing regulatory framework for telecommunications and to make the electronic communications sector more competitive.

ECSM: European Cyber Security Month (ECSM) is a European Union advocacy campaign that takes place in October. ECSM aims to promote cyber security among citizens, to change their perception of cyber-threats and provide up to date security information, through education and sharing good practices




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