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ENISA General Report 2012 is now available

ENISA has today (30th May) published its 2012 General Report, containing details of the Agency's work and achievements during the year.

Published on May 30, 2013

The Report covers ENISA's operational activities, including:

  • the Agency's work on identifying and responding to the evolving threat environment;
  • its activities in improving Europe's critical information infrastructure protection (CIIP) and cyber-resilience;
  • how the Agency works with "front line" Computer Emergency Response Teams (CERTs);
  • ENISA's work on securing Europe's digital economy.

The 2012 report also details ENISA's work to assist EU Member States with operational security issues, relations with ENISA's stakeholders and  its public affairs activities.


To read the full publication please click here : ENISA General Report 2012

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