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ENISA CERT training programme now available online

Published on December 16, 2014

ENISA has launched a new section on its website introducing the ENISA CERT training programme.

In the new section, you can find all the publicly available training resources and the training courses currently provided by ENISA.

The material has been categorised into 4 main topics:

  • Technical,
  • Operational,
  • Setting up a CERT, and
  • Legal and cooperation.

Additionally, various tools for hands-on training (such as Virtual Machines) are provided.

In 2014 training scenarios were added covering various topics in the area of artifact handling and analysis.

Artifact analysis involves receiving information about artifacts that are used in attacks, reconnaissance, and other unauthorised or disruptive activities. The created course covers the topics of building an artifact handling and analysis environment, the fundamentals for artifact analysis, as well as advanced artifact analysis and a common framework for artifact analysis activities.

Visit the new page and material at:




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