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ENISA calls experts in Europe’s public sector to collaborate on a Cloud Certification Schemes Metaframework

Published on May 19, 2014

ENISA has launched a survey to start the development of a cloud certification meta-framework. We are asking government experts to help us understand which are the security and privacy requirements they have to fulfil when procuring cloud services or other (similar) ICT services, such as outsourcing or webhosting.

The survey, which is online at:, is the first step to creating a cloud certification meta-framework. The meta-framework is an extension of the list of cloud certification schemes.


The goal of the Cloud Certification Schemes Metaframework is to provide an easy online tool for experts in the public sector to understand which of their security and privacy requirements are addressed by existing information security certification schemes. In addition, this work will also provide a basis for discussions about which security and privacy requirements are still missing in today’s certification schemes.

We invite experts who work in the EU’s public sector to fill out the survey and collaborate with us.


For the background of this work see ENISA's white paper on Cloud Certification in the EU Cloud strategy.


For more information contact .



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