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ENISA discussing 'Paradigm-Shift in IT' at the ISSE Conference 2012

This year’s ISSE conference has started today (23 October) in Brussels and ENISA is participating actively in several sessions, focussing on its recent studies and report results in the areas of Security Management, Cloud Computing security and Internet Security Strategy.

Published on October 23, 2012

During the first panel session: "Houston we have a problem!": Paradigm-Shift in IT, The ENISA Executive Director, Professor Udo Helmbrecht underlined:

  • The ENISA Flash note on “High Roller”  stating that new sophisticated targeted attacks don’t allow us to trust on the security of our computers. Key recommendations included:

     - Banks should always assume customers’ computers are infected, and take protection


     - Implement trusted channels: SMS, phone call, standalone smartcard reader with screen, etc.

     - Strong cooperation is needed to take down global command centres.

     - Test operational policies by practicing, like in the Cyber Europe 2012 exercise


  • The ENISA report on the Cyber Incident Reporting in the EU . The paper identifies the mandatory incident reporting clauses in Article 13a of the Telecom package and Article 4 of the e-privacy directive, the proposed e-ID regulation’s Article 15, and Articles 30, 31, 32 of the Data Protection reform.


     - MS:s need to provide a clear, regulatory and policy framework on smart grid cyber security at the national and EU level

     - Develop a minimum set of security measures

     - Promote security certification schemes for the entire value chain

ENISA is also participating in the second day of the event (24 October).

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